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building on a good idea

Being in the industry we could not find a reliable alternative to traditional concrete foundations or pile foundations for light weight structures. We created our own solution OKOBASE raft which can typically be placed on many varied ground conditions. For example, clay subsoils that tend to shrink/expand over the cycle of wet and dry seasons with trees or vegetation. Even soft ground conditions do not deter OKOBASE.

OKOBASE raft is made stiff to retain its original shape when used as a building support despite movement of the ground below it. This may ensure that deformation of the ground does not lead to distortion of the building carried by the OKOBASE raft.

Traditional foundation bases are likely to involve substantial earthworks to the foundations. This is likely to be time-consuming and to increase costs. In contrast, installation of an OKOBASE raft may be laid directly onto the existing ground surface, providing it is sufficiently level. This is particularly beneficial where site access may be restricted. For example, a residential garden may only be accessible via the owner’s home, in which case it is desirable to minimise the volume and weight of material to be transported to and from the building location. Also, a reduction in the use of material and transportation will reduce the overall environmental impact of the building installation.

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This base has a galvanised finish, other finishes are available.

the Okobase can be used for

  • Holiday Lets

  • Glamping Pods

  • Garden rooms
  • Studios

  • Garden Gyms

  • Home Offices

  • Sheds

  • Storage Shelters

  • Workshops

  • Log cabins

  • Summerhouses