The benefits of an OKOBASE

  • No Concrete needed
  • Can be installed by installer or yourself with minimal knowledge
  • Retain its original shape despite movement of the ground below it.  This may ensure that deformation of the ground does not lead to distortion of the building carried by our frame. We can see that the doors and windows remain workable.
  • Site access may be restricted Okobase is modular.  For example, a residential garden may only be accessible via the owner’s home front door, we can get our frame through all houses.
  • Minimise the volume and weight of material to be transported to and from the building location.
  • Placed on varied ground conditions including clay subsoils, soft ground, sands & gravels silts, Chalk and many more
  • Installations are relatively simple and installed normally in a day with minimal dig and levelling.
  • 50 Year guarantee
  • Environmentally friendly, low carbon footprint, can be recycled via melting down or re using. The OKOBASE raft is very sustainable because once it is made, it can be used forever. the OKOBASE raft can be recycled an infinite amount of times and be used with NO downgrading in quality. The non-renewable resources used to make the OKOBASE raft, like minerals and fossil fuels, are not wasted because the OKOBASE raft can be used forever.
  • The OKOBASE shed raft is very moveable, if you want to move it to another location in your garden or even another garden you can.
  • The OKOBASE raft is also moveable should you want to dismantle the structural above and then dismantle the modular raft to relocate.